Why meditate?

Each and every day about 60.000 thoughts run through our mind. The brain can only calm down during sleep. Even then the brain is still acitve, coping with zests and experiences of the day.

Meditation means to give the mind some time-out. This break creates clarity, increases your focus and leads to emotional balance as you will also sleep better at night. By meditating on a daily basis for some time, you will be able to let things happen and go. Your reactions towards stress and negative emotions will not have a severe effect on you. The stimulus processing in your nervous system will change.

man practicing meditation on sports mat
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

Meditation teaches you to cope with any situation just at it is and act by it, just like you deem it appropriate. Everything is, as it is. Each and everyone can meditate and use the wonderful benefits for her- and himself: Mahatma Gandhi used the power of meditation for his non-violent fight, on the other hand the Samurai meditated to prepare for war actions.

But what unites all of the practitioners is, that they benefit from meditation to increase focus, clarity of the mind and reach a flow-state.

The following video is a preview of a guided meditation I created for you to achieve a higher level of physical and mental energy.

Here’s what others say about this meditation::

“A really lovely meditation. Took me into a peaceful place.” – Sharon / GB –

“This meditation strengthened my energy in a soft & very focussed way.” – Mara / D –

“Lovely practice to start the day with. Thank you.” – Lisa / USA –

“Wonderful. Tahnk you! This meditation made me feel great, very grounding, I’m feeling filled with energy and my mind is at ease. The music beautifully fits the meditation and your voice.” – Tanja 7 CH –

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