Breathwork – courses

Breathwork for musicians

For any musician it is crucial to breathe in a most natural way. The flow of the breath will help the performer to play in a calm and relaxed way. Most musicians hold their breath when it come to playing difficult passages. This retaining of the breath results in uptigh and sore muscles and high stress. A constant high stress-level causes a rapid loss of energy. All these negative outcomes of wrong breathing will disembogue what we all know as typical musician’s ailments, physically and mentally.

In this course any musician, no matter which instrument yopu play or if you sing, no matter what musical style you are in, no matter if you are a longtime pro or just starting playing music, will learn how the breath effects your music in a very positive way. Being a musician myself I teach you breathwork being most efficient and useful for our job.

Fokus, flow and the inner strength

Breathwork fuels up your energy or prana, being crucial for a healthy body and mind. At the same time breathwork is the most efficient and easiest method to bring back and conduct your life-energy. The great thing about breathwork is: you always carry this great tool anytime and everywhere with you!

By the end of this course you’ll be able to develop flow in your everyday life, resulting in high concentration and focus and which also calms you down, prevents ailments, clers your thoughts and thereby heightens your overall performance!


This challenge was created to get you into the flow of everyday breathwork.

For five days you will practice with me some breathwork, a session ending with a short meditation. The main goal is you to find a time and place you can do breathwork every day.

The challenge is created to guide and help you finding a routine and getting this beautiful journey with the life of the breath started!