Breathwork & Meditation- Courses

Online Streaming-Courses

The Meditation-Experience (a beginner’s course in meditation)


Focus & balance – Nadi Shodana

“I feel energized, focussed and relaxed at the same time after every breathwork-session with Andy. He’s also easygoing and open person to work with. I especially dig for the meditation part at the end of each session.” – M. | Germany –

Hybrid-courses (live online)

Breathwork Starter’s Course

Personal Breathwork & Meditation

“Andy taught us some other techniques with a very gentle, friendly approach that made the techniques easy to practice and integrate. My favorite part of the first session was the practice of Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. Andy taught us in one, simple go. I did it! It has been a gift to my practice because anxiety is something I’ve struggled with and I’ve noticed a reduction in my body’s stress response. Thank you Andy for the wonderful sessions. I look forward to working with you more.” – Sandra | USA –

“There are a lot of exercises I learned from the course to help a student. This student suffered from lots of stress, anxiety and even depression he developed while preparing for his final exams in music. Using the breathwork-techniques I was able to help him a lot, even we had to do online-lessons plus I learned some new things for myself. I’m continueing working on my student’s mostly mental problems using breathwork and I can say that after 2 weeks, there are significant positive changes in his mental and also physical health. -Susanne | Germany –