Train your lungs

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In this session we focus on strengthening your lungs. Without going beyond your limits I show you how to train your lungs and make your respiratory system more resistbale against ailments (COPD, asthma, covid….) and upcoming colds and infections with viruses. In situations like the above mentioned it is vital to nourish your body with enough oxygen and make your lungs strong. A nice side-effect with breathwork is: you gain control over your respiratory system, breathe more freely and learn to calm down and relax more easily.

The starting-point of all of my 1:1-sessions is a 20-minute talk (phone, eMail, Skype, Zoom) where you let me know your personal sitaution and what you want to achieve. After that i’ll design a special program for you, which we work on during the following three lessons of 45 minutes each.

The exercises are also of importance for wind-players and athletes.

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