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The vagusnerve regulates the functions of most of our organs and also passes information from the organs to the brain. This fact influences our behaviour, our cognitive performance and emotions.

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Breathwork & the consciousness is an article that was published on the German “yoga aktuell”-magazine. The english translation can be read here.

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The nose is for breathing, the mouth is for eating!

And it’s a simple as that. The nose is the most underrated organ, I guess.

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Deep breathing is the key for a good health. At the same time breathing is the most underrated, but easiest und cheapest means to strengthen your state of mind and your physical state. Using breathwork you are able to support your health and begin doing breathwork right away

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The way you breathe, is the way you fell.

The way you breathe, is the way you life.

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We got used to everything having to be and happening fast: our food is fast, there are language courses promising to learn a new language perfectly in 10 days.

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Did you realize when it comes to playing technically difficult musical parts, you are holding the air? This is what causes stress and sore muscles. This is not good at all for your musical performance and your physical wellbeing. Deep inhalation and exhalation results in deep relaxation. Your mind is much more clearer, more open and more focussed. Your muscels relax and move in a much smoother and faster way.

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