The Prana-Experience


A journey to & with your life-energy

The Prana-Experience combines breathwork and meditation. Through these two life-enriching practices you can not only clear your mind, connect body and mind, calm body and mind, but also get your prana flowing, directing to where you need it most and enhancing so you do not burn out, get depressed or suffer from anxieties and ailments.

You don’t need to suffer from one of the above mentioned crisises to feel and experience the benefit of being able to control your life-energy. Even if you feel great, strong and happy, prana-control helps you to keep going on like that and detect any imbalances right when they started.

Through the „Prana-Experience“ you will be able to combine your very own practices and work on the sublest imbalances coming up in your body and mind. You will be and feel healthy and clear, more energetic and also be able to calm down when you need it most and enjoy every aspect in your life.

The course „Prana-Experience“ is divided into eight chapters:

  1. What is prana? (Some theory added by a shortcut, if you want to start to practise right away!)
  2. How to obeserve & strengthen your prana
  3. How to conduct your prana
  4. The Nadis, Vayus and Gunas
  5. Prana-Session I
  6. What is CO2 about and what is the link to prana?
  7. The Chakras
  8. Prana-Session II

Each chapter starts with a little theory but mostly the course is about practising breathwork and meditation. Especially in the breathwork-section the „Prana-Experience“ is for breathwork newbies, starting from scratch. Experienced breathworkers can train their beginner’s mind right there!

You will learn …

… how to breathe correctly.

… how to use your breath.

… several breathing-techniques.

… how breathwork strengthens you physically & mentally.

… how meditation strengthens you physically & mentally.

… how to combine breathwork & meditation to back you physically & mentally.

… the basic theory of prana, the dantiens and the chakras.

… six differents meditations

You will be given ….

… audios of the guided meditations.

… an ebook with some theory to re-read after the course finished.

… 2 prana-sessions for you to practice in the course and in written form to practice on your own.

Prana-Experience Tenerife 2024

june 25th to june 28th 2024


Vineyard Eladio

Tenerife | Canarian Islands