The nose

That’s why you should breath in through your nose:

First of all and something to remember: the nose is for breathing, the mouth is for eating!

And it’s a simple as that. The nose is an the most underrated organ, I guess.

Breathing in through the nose, the oxygen that nourishes your whole body and organs, will be cleaned not onlyby the very small hairs in your nostrils.

The air goes further to pass the nasal conchae. Here the air is being humidified, warmed and you get rid of a lot of bacteria and viruses by the mucous membrane. These germs would otherwise enter your breathing system, when breathing through the mouth.

The nose is also working like a radar detecting all kinds of odors and smells, letting your brain know when something might not be right with the air you breathe in and the surrounding you at this moment. So you see that is some very useful and vital information!

Nitrogen oxide (NO) from sinuses is being mixed with the air inhaled. This NO-accumulated air passes your lungs and makes the blood vessels expand. Expanded blood vessels allows a greater volume of blood to pass your body and organs and more oxygen can be transported. Plus: NO is antibacterial.

When you do slow breathing exercises the nasal breathing allows you to focus nthe airstream way better than by breathing through your mouth.

That’s why breathing through the nose is so important! You just have to do it!