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Who can you rely on…I mean who can you really, always and forever rely on? That’s you, isn’t it? No matter how many best friends you have, how great your spouse and your family is. They may be the best and most supportive people the universe has ever seen. But you are the only one who really knows you and know what’s good for you. It is you who has to cope with yourself from the first until the last breath!

To be able to trust and rely on yourself, you have to develop a clear mindeset and a calm mind. Your physical wellbeing inhibits a crucial part in that development. If you don’t feel too good, experience pain, your have a turbulent mind. Breathwork calms your mind and let’s you develop a clear mindset. You learn to cope with stress, anxiety and also physical pain. Sometimes the pain will even be cured by breathing in a special way. Imagine your breathing being like waves on the ocean. There a high waves, calm waves and even no waves at all. No matter what the surface looks like, the depth of the sea is calm. This depth is the peacefulness in you. This peace gives you the strength and clarity for things to come. You will develop a different view on life and your work. You will gain more insight into your environment. Flow is on it’s way into your lifestyle!

All that results in security and reliability. Two things being crucial especially in these times and first of all pushing you to new heights!

The way you breathe, is the way you feel.

The way you breathe, is the way you live.

You are able to set the stage for this positive attitude and lifestyle! You are the one to create the right atmosphere for body and mind. This is the only thing you have to do.

Start right know with the following breathing-excercise:


  1. breathe in for 4 beats (follow your heartbeat, if possible)
  2. hold the breath for 8 beats
  3. exhale for 8 beats

Repeat this circle for about 10 minutes. If that’s too long for you, breathe for a shorter period of time and increase from day to day. You can do this excdercise also longer than 10 minutes.

You will see that this very simple breathwork calms your inhalation and exhalation. Your thoughts will be more focused.

You gain more energy and your physical performance will be directed in orderly paths!