power & energy

Discover your energy and power. Learn to control these strengthening parts of your being to help yourself and others. You will feel better, healthier and stronger!

It is very important to be able to control your energy. Most of the time it is not sufficient to regain strength by chilling out on weekends or having a relaxing vacation on some deserted island. There are too many aspects in our life sucking energy and strength from our body and mind. We are busy in our jobs, are ovewhelmed by flickering lights, ads, traffic etc. Unfortunately we mostly realize we lost our energy and we lost our strength when we feel exhausted, when we get ill, when we suffer from burnout. But being that busy all the time, there’s no time left to care about our well-being.

Breathwork is the perfect tool if there’s only little time to work on your body and mind. In this course I will show you very specific breathwork-exercises, taking only little time, but consistent practise every day. The program / course is build up, you spending about 10 minutes each day doing breathwork and charging up your batteries in the long run.

The beautiful thing about breathwork is, that it takes you slowly but steadily into a stage, where you learn to listen to your body and mind. If you are able to do that, you will see more clearly and recognize earlier, when you are about to loose your energy and strength. This loss makes you not only feel miserable, it can result in severe ailments.

Breathwork also slightly pushes you into a new lifestyle that you might have wanted to have lived since some time. These changes are not radical, they are very smotth and take you in a kind of a „getting rid of bad habits“-flow.

Going through this course you will be able to not only help yourself but regain the power and strength to also help others and to be there for your loved-ones.

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