my story

I want you to know this: I was forced to learn breathwork at the age of 12 😉 I started to play the clarinet and simply had to know how to do abdominal breathing, how to control your breath! Some years later I became a pro in music (woodwinds) and I deepened my knowledge and practice in breathwork culminating in becoming a certified breathwork-faciliator to also be able to teach the art of breathing.

Meditation entered my life in my late 20s just because I was curious about it and instinctively knew that meditation would be beneficial for me. I read lots of books about this practice and also did it, but wasn’t able to implement a kind of „meditation-flow“ into my everyday life. My meditation started to flow when I was more and more getting into the spiritual side of breathwork and used breathwork as a kind of introduction for my meditations. Since then, breathwork and meditation became a way of life for me and crucial like sleeping, eating and drinking!

Not only in my daily live did meditation give me a deeper insight and stronger experience when it comes to playing music. I also gained more clarity, focus and equanimity. It is easier for me to concentrate on the bare essentials and a clear and straight alignment onto the things I really want to achieve. I got to know myself better.

The meditation-teacher-training raised the beginner’s mind in me. I learned how to practice and teach meditation without the detours I took in my first years. I got to know what is really crucial and basic for a deep meditation experience and I kind of did the tour of being a beginner, to an intermeditate meditator until I got a teacher.

Now I’m able to use breathwork and meditation for myself and can show others one of the many ways on this journey.

For me meditation and breathwork are a beautiful island of calmness and focus and also gaining energy in a physical and mental sense!