my story

Throughout my childhood I lived in a more rural area, where I could experience life. Being outside, playing with friends but also discovering my surrounding like a strayer. This kind of experimenting and just letting things happen and reacting toward what’s around the next corner was something I found in music later on in my life. With music my journey with breathwork began, although I did not know this by the time.

Until my early adulthood I had trouble focussing on one thing. There where too many things happening and being around me being very attractive. I was thrilled easily by lots of stuff but also „unthrilled“ again very fast. There were only few things I could really focus and experience flow: karate, music, windsurfing and skateboarding.

When I began playing woodwindinstruments I had to learn and practice breathwork. Back then this was something that I simply had to do in order to get a proper tone from the clarinet, saxophone and later the flute. But my intuition told me that breathwork is really great. But being a child back then I wasn’t able to see and feel the benefits breathwork had.

From my childhood on I was fascinated by martial arts. Not that I wanted to beat people up or being a warrior fighting the bad guys. I was fascinated by the calmness, energy and power these men and women presented and lived. I heard that they did not only train their muscles and movements but most of all their breathing and mindset. That’s why I started to practice karate and later on TaiChi and QiGong. Starting to do these inner martial arts I got more focussed and could concentrate better on a lot of things and also my meditation-experience grew.

When I gave up being a woodwind-teacher and started teaching music at a public school, I realized there was something basic missing in my life. For some reason I cannot recall, I started to concentrate even more on TaiChi, QiGong and mediatation and got into focussing on my breath. The latter out of some inner urge. That’s when I started taking courses in breathwork. Each time I practiced, I realized that I got more

calm, more focused, I was more balanced (emotionally). My body and mind felt as one. The funny thing was that by that time my schedule and to-do-list at work grew more and more, got longer and longer. So the opposite should have happened with me!

That’s when I decided to let other people know about brethwork and it’s benefits and also help other people being in a similar or the same position, as I was back then and took a breathwork-trainer course to be a certified Pranayama breathwork-coach.

Getting deeper into Pranayama, breathwork and meditation I noticed that my lifestyle was slightly and smoothly changing. I am focussing more on healthy apsects of life. Be it mentally or physically. Theses changes didn’t happen radically from one day to the other nor did I become some ascetic or dogmatist. I am just able to focus on a subject I feel important, am able to get into the flow and work on that and being opened and mentally flexible at the same time on other facets this life has to offer.

My mission is, to enable you to also experience the benefits of breathwork and make breathwork and meditation work for you. I want you to help yourself getting rid of stress, anxiety, sleep-disorders and just feel good! Breathwork can also easily help you to shift your lifestyle if you want to and to get rid of habits you don’t want to have in your life. This can all be done practising breathwork and meditation. Just do it!