my mission

The power of the breath and deep breathing is something I experienced from my childhood on, by playing woodwind instruments. Being a hobby first, then my profession, I learned that proper breathing results in a lively, powerful tone. This power can be learned by each and everyone of us, creating blissful benefits for mind and body.

Even before diving into the world of pranayama I vividly got into the flow breathing creates, while playing my instrument and also practising TaiChi and QiGong. The kind of physical and mental movement being created during the first breathwork-lesson I took as a student, struck me from the first breath on.

Getting deeper into pranayama breathwork I also found my personal key to meditation. Breathwork and meditation are my motivation and my way of life, using the physical and mental power resulting from these practices, for my daily life and challenges occuring.

Serenity, mindfulness, focus and resilience are the ledgers of my work as a breathwork- and meditation-coach. The benefits of breathwork, combined with meditation is something I experience in may daily work, leading sessions in mindfulness and breathwork for kids, teenagers and adults alike.

My aim is to teach you practices benefiting your needs and fitting your daily routine.

Besides the above mentioned certificates, I did advanced training in:

Yoga Nidra

Conscious Breathing

Mindfulness for children