My mission

Breathing is the most natural thing. It works automatically, you don’t have to DO it actively, it just happens. You don’t have to think about it. That’s what most people think!

The first thing a human being does is breathing and also the last thing one does is taking the last breath. How we breathe inbetween, our whole life, most of us don’t care about. This is what I want to change!

I guess breathwork is the only way to care about your physical and mental health and at the same time prevent physical and mental ailments. Even when an illness already occurred, breathwork can help you to make this illness more bearable at least.

Once properly learned breathwork is free, easy to practice, you don’t need special clothings or equipment and it can be done everywhere anytime.

I want to help you to help yourself by doing breathwork. My mission is to show you techniques that you might use just when and where you need them. I want you to know why breathwork is so important and how it can be of use for you and that you are able to practice on your own and create your own routine and series of excercises to lead a great life.

I bet there are things in your life you want ot change, the way you life, eat, communicate with people etc. Using breathwork and meditation alike you’ll get into the flow to change what you want to change. You’ll develop a more empathic and healthy lifestyle for yourself and others. This will happen in easy, light and smooth steps. There’ no need to turn your life and habits upside down. The changes will come and happen, because you are in the flow.

Meditation and breathwork empower you to realize, that you are able to achieve more than you ever thought you would. Meditation is not something off the ground or esoteric stuff. It is indeed a very natural way to clear and rouse your mind. Your mind controls your body. Breathwork connects mind and body.

Breathwork and meditation are a mental and physical preparation to accept changes and to integrate that in your life to lead this life just the way you want it. That’s why you need to know and practice flow, focus and gain inner strength.

My breathwork-program is designed to help you with all that and guide you through this process, just by breathing and meditating! Practising meditation and breathwork you’ll gain more strength to do the things in life which are most important to you, you’ll feel better. Breathwork helps you to lead your energy onto the right path and to let this energy flow freely.