The meditation-sessions take place online. I will guide you through 30-minute meditations.

The next session will be the “5 elements”-meditation on thursday, october 27th at 7:30 am (cet).

This session is free of charge … but you may leave a donation!

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Today I was doing a little „Tour de Fall“ on my longboard. Surfing around the lake I got deeply aware of nature. The coolness of the fall, the warmth of late summer’s sun mixing with all the sound sof nature.

I exeperienced the smell of humid earth and the space the lake added to this picture. The diversity of colours, the light wind carrying falling leaves …

On the one hand I sense the hard concrete path I’m riding my board on, on the other hand I feel the soft erath beneath my feet, taking a rest and being aware of nature’s elements all around me.

These elements do not only surround us, they ar also in us: earth, fire, air, space, water. Maybe that’s why we feel so cozy and perfect, when out in nature, being wrapped up elements we ourselves are made of, connecting us.

It is worth experiencing the elements, the quality of the elements and connecting with them.

This connection is made easier and way more intense with meditation, a 5-element-meditation. Today, this connection gave me power, calmness and confidence.

Being focused and active, just letting everything roll 😉