The Meditation Experience

Meditation is concentration.

Through concentration we gain meditation.

Imagine your thoughts being like a light bulb: the light shines in all directions and also emits heat. If you stand, let’s say 2 meters away from the light bulb, you won’t feel the warmth, the bulb is spreading. But in the center of the light bulb there’s warmness.

If you take the light and focus it on a little point, like a laser-beam does, the warmness becomes extreme heat.

Concentration demands huge effort, but at the same time it is the starting-point for high performance and achievements.

Concentration is the utmost discipline of human being.

Concentration is not being taught from early childhood on.

We do not learn how to control our mind.

This is what we learn in meditation!

Meditation is the result of concentration.
Concentration is the result of the control of the mind.

This course, “The Meditation Experience”, guides you to do your first steps in meditation. Learning to focus on the things being of importance to you.

Dive deep into the vast space of your mind and explore your Self.

“The Meditation Experience” shows you how to still your body, to still your mind, how to concentrate on different physical and mental aspects by just doing it!

Just meditate!

I will take this journey with you, guiding four different meditations, each one taking you not only a step further but deeper into life, your mind, your Self.

The Meditation Experience – 4 steps to the core of your Self –

“The Meditation-Experience” is a 4-step-course.

Each session starts with an explanation, the theory you migth say, about the meditation you will learn.

The main part is the practise of the meditation.

Watch the online-course as often as you want with lifelong access for € 19.-!

4 steps – the basis of “The Meditation Experience”

Stilling the body

Renunciation of


Awakening of consciousness

Inner silence


Music for meditation

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