focus & flow

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By breathwork we can control the mind and we can calm the mind. In this session I show you exercises to get more focused and caslm dwon easily.

It is crucial your well-being to concentrate on the really improtant tasks in life. If you are able to do that, you’ll make it to the so-called FLOW. Flow is a state where you lose yourself in a thing you do, you are completely into it. But how do you reach this point? How do you manage not to be distracted all the time, but to be focussed right away? What helped me, and still helps me is….breathwork!

Doing the right exercises you will be able concentrate easily on the topics that are improtant to you. And there’s another great point about focussing breathwork: you’ll be able to get into a meditative state a lot easier. That is something that I struggled with a long time: getting into a real deep meditation. Then I started to experience breathwork.

The greath thing about breathwork is: it is easy to do, everybody can do it, everwhere and antime, you don’t need anything to practise, no special equipment or similar things and it is free!

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