Focus, flow and the inner strength

Breathing is vital, for sure! But what most people don’t consider is, that the way you breathe affects your body & mind.

The way you breathe, is the way you feel.

The way you breathe, is the way you live.

Using proper breathing-practices, gives you the chance to synchronize your body and mind in a healthy way and also to control your mind even better.

First of all you learn to cope with stressfull situations in a way that stress does not overwhelm you or will result in anxiety and make you ill. By breathwork you break the vicious circle of negative situations, losing focus and flow. Breathwork fuels up your energy or prana, being crucial for a healthy body and mind. At the same time breathwork is the most efficient and easiest method to bring back your life-energy and to teach you how to conduct the prana.

The great thing about breathwork is: you always carry this great tool with you anytime and everywhere!

By practising breathwork you’ll be able to develop flow in your everyday life, resulting in high concentration and focus and which also calms you down and boosts your overall performance.

The next course starts november 22nd, 2021 6:30 pm (cet).

( following dates are november 29th, dec 6th, 13th, 20th at 6:30pm (cet) each)

Facts about the course:

5 weekly sessions lasting 45 minutes. The sessions will be recorded and accessible for all participants up to 8 weeks after the final session of the course.

What’s this course about?

The goal of this course is:

  • gain energy & strength
  • boost concentration and focus
  • development of flow
  • coping with stress, not getting into some stressfull situations and addictions/bad habits
  • develop more consciousness

I will show you the perfect breathing-exercises to reach the goals mentioned above. No matter how you feel right now, what your life is at the moment, how you feel today, you are always in a state where you can change and work on the things that are most important to you! This is because this course and especially breathwork will not overtax you. In breathwork we never go beyong our limits and we don’t either try to.

This course helps you, when….

… you are stressed and want to get rid of that feeling and status

… you want to get back your energy or want to keep up the good mood and energetic status you are in right now

… want to be able to focus more

… want to learn all that stuff in a smooth flow

… want to transfer this flow into your everyday life. Being in the flow means to be productive and eased and joyful at the same time.

… want to be able to cope with difficult situations, addictions and bad habits you want to get rid of

Caution: if you suffer from any heart-disease, brain surgery, high blood pressure or if you are pregnant, this course is due to the energetic breathing-practises not for you. If you want to learn breathwork and boost your focus and flow anyway, just drop me a note at There’s always a way we can do something about that, using the power of breath!