breathwork & your health

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The origin of many physical diseases lies in the mind. Many problems start in the brain, you want to give your best, in your job, for your family. Many of us put ourselves under pressure. And there’s the pressure that comes from our surrounding: deadlines, rush-hour, never-ending impressions like ads, phones ringing, chekcing your mobile phone, a diversity of noises. Lots of these things cannot be stopped by you personally. But what you can do is, to strengthen your body and mind. That’s what helps you most in coping with pressure and other circumstances causing illnesses.

What are you doing, when you have to make a tough decision?

What are you doing entering a room whre you have to do a improtant presentation?

What are you doing right before an exam or a championship you’re taking part in?

Right: you take a deep breath in and a long breath out!

Deep breathing is the key for good health. At the same time breathing is the most underrated, but easiest und cheapest means to strengthen your state of mind and your physical state. Begin doing breathwork right away: a deep inhalation and a long exhalation ist one of the manyfold breathing exercises!

Another great workout is the 5-minute-breathwork, which you can do with me watching my vlog „The 5-minute-breathwork“.

But why does breathwork help? There a lot of scientifically proven facts:

Slow breathing slows down your heart-rate, blood pressure und thereby enables better mental focus. You become more calm and are able to cope better with „exciting“ situations. When you are mentally more relaxed your body also relaxes. This is something that the people around you recognize and will be influenced by your positive overall state.

Clarity in the mind is a great effect, breathwork causes by doing the soothing and meditative exercises.

Clarity in the mind lets you cope much better with a heavy load of work.

Deep breathing results in deep relaxation. This condition leads to a higher production of white blood cells. These blood cells fight and also can block inflammations. Inflammations can cause cancer.

Calm breath-exercises support CO2 in the blood.

CO2 works like a shuttle for the oxygen to go to the cells. CO2 makes the blood vessels and the bronchioles to open. Thereby the body will have a higher concentration in oxygen. Training a shortage of oxygen by retaining the breath, the body will get used to that state and makes it work more effitienly. That is what athletes do when working out in high altitudes.

This short lack of oxygen has lots of advantages:

  • decrease of ailments of the arteries
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • better performance of the mind
  • harmonising the nervous system
  • heightening of the state of glucose
  • blockage of inflammations

And breathing slowly is a great preparation for meditation (see vlog „Breathwork & meditation“).

Fighting ailments starts by breathing in through the nose. Therefore please see the blog about the nose.

Doing energetic and powerful breathing techniques you learn how to breath properly, because you use the diaphragm for the inhalation and the exhalation. This is called abdominal breathing. In abdominal breathing you use the whole lung capacity, the ph-factor is balanced and the bloodflow through the organs is much better, because the diaphragm is massaging the organs. All these factors result in better sleep, reduced stress-level and better focus and cocentration.

Furthermore: energetic breathwork burns toxins and fat, the respiratory system is cleansed, strengthened and opened up. Last but not least energetic, emotional, psysical and psychic blockages are being released.

Energetic breathwork causes stress..positive stress, well measured. This kind of pressure lifts you up, strengthens your body. You know that feeling after jogging for example. Positive stress is positive because this status heightens the oxygen-level and the amount of blood in your body.

It is obvious that breathwork being a simple thing to learn and to do, helps to prevent you from getting ill or getting well again soon. If you do your breathwork regularly and in the right manner, body and mind will be balanced out!

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