Breathwork Starter’s Course

The Breathwork-Starter’s-Course let’s you dive deep into the world of breathwork!

You will learn how to benefit from doing breathwork by practising a variety of breathing-excercises. Pranayama-breathwork connects body and mind, cultivates serenity in everyday life, sharpens your focus and strengthens you immune-system. Just to name a few benefits. At the end of each session you will be able to execute the breathing-excercises you learned on your own to fully experience the positive effects of Pranayama. Doing breathwork you will enjoy instant positive changes!

Breathwork not only helps to strengthen your immune-system but also to increase you lung-capacity by training your lungs.

Pranayama breathwork connects body and mind, sharpens your focus and increases your inner strength!

That’s how Pranayama works:

The goal and the effect of pranayama is to control and strengthen your life-energy through breathing-excercises. Prana is the energy, Yama means to conduct and stretch. Doing Pranayama we mindfully stretch the breathing span:

inhale – retain the oxygen – exhale

Inhaling we take in energy, i.a. oxygen, retaining the oxygen we store the energy and enjoy this energy to the full. Exhaling means to get rid of all negative emotions and thoughts and even poisoning stuff we carry physically. This results in a higher focus, inner strength and better reasoning.

Calm breathing end up in a calm mind.

The breathing-system is being supported by Pranayama breathwork in the best possible way and cleanses your body and mind. Your life-force called Chi, Prana or Ki is being stores in the so-called Chakras and Dan Tiens. The energy-channels are called Nadis and are crucial to let the energy flow freely. The Nadis are being clenased and kept free by practising breathwork.

Pranyama breathwork lets your life-energy flow freely deep down into your sublest layers of the body.

Your breath is the most important source for your Prana!

The next online-course starts on december 6th, 2021 at 6:30 pm (cet). Followed by the following dates … same time: dec. 13th, 20th 2021, january 3rd, 10th 2022.

If you cannot make it to join one or more live-events, no prblem! Each session will be recorded and made availible for you to replay any time until eight weeks after the final date.